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Day Hike Gear Checklist

They say that hiking is one of the greatest things you can do for your health, both physically and mentally. Yes, hiking might be a little difficult especially for first timers; but arriving at the peak and seeing the beauty of nature in all its glory make everything totally worth it. If planning for a..

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How to Choose the Right Luggage

Travelling encompasses different essential things we need to bring on our trip. We often make a list of the things we’re going to bring and wear, and once done, it is time to put them all inside our travel bag or luggage. For others, choosing what luggage to bring may not be something worth putting..

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Things You Must Have When Travelling

Lately, several people are getting inclined with travelling. The fulfillment and fun it brings to anyone makes it worth the money and time. However, travelling sometimes comes with inconvenience because you are far from home. In order to save you some hassle, here is a list of must-have items everyone should consider when going on..

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Asia Travel Guides

Asia has everything to offer the discerning traveler; adventurous expeditions over mountains, through jungles, and to the ocean floor. Dive into the tropical world of spices, amazing archiecture, and a multitude of cultures and ancient traditions. Zen out on South East Asia’s beaches, explore India’s colorful, crowded cities, or discover the magic of China and..

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